Motion Graphics & Videos

Motion Graphics & Videos

Maximize ROIs by engaging your audience with impactful & on-brand motion graphics

Your written content can’t impress your customers enough? No surprise. Customers nowadays prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information.

Motion Graphics & Videos We Create

Animated Inforgraphic

Animated Infographic

When even complex charts struggle to do the job, and when your presentation seems a little overwhelming, it might be time to create an animated infographic (or data visualization) motion video to engage and persuade your audience.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Combine animated logo and text, graphics, and moving backgrounds into a motion video based on your needs to express the finest concepts and introductions to your products/brand.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography

Creating striking moving text that express your ideas and stories is a powerful technique for short-form advertising and social media marketing.

Intro Video

Intro Video

A 2D animated explainer coneys comprehensive stories of your brand and can be made into a video ad, highlighted on your landing page, or in addition to your informative Youtube channels.

Ohio Digital Process for Motion Graphics & Videos



Thoroughly investigate your target audience, brand identity, market trends as the foundation for further design process.



After conducting all necessary research, Ohio Digital identifies key insights such as user persona, goals and validates the scripts to propose customizable solutions for your business.



We create story boarding and art direction that consist to your brand identity and effectively engage your target customers.



To produce a unique motion video, we create a thorough set of visual assets and then making magic with motion graphic animation and sound tailored to your needs.


Accompany & Improve

Although we worked closely together and communicated throughout the process, there is still a clear need for comprehensive feedback and refinement at the end in order to fully convey your ideas and messages.


Global Platform for IT Remote Working

Ohio Digital has taken pride in our core contribution to HiGate's entire journey from branding, UI UX Design, unique motion & graphic videos to on-going technology development.


A brand that reinvents mobile photography today

Ohio Digital provides a constant stream of effective marketing assets, online and offline, on a regular basis as well as for specific events.


#1 Fitness App For Gen Z

Ohio Digital accompanies Steppen along the journey to enable users to build their own fitness experience.

Create motion graphics that drive action