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With designers and developers under one roof, your ideas can be explored, then realized without unnecessary hassles!

Leverage our productive web app development services to to accelerate development velocity and time to market.

Mobile App Development

Ohio Digital mobile app development services fully meet your business needs, provide top solutions and technologies for all platforms to build your position in the market.

Web App Development

Ohio Digital offers a streamlined process, utilizing all the latest frameworks and tools you need. Building your web app is no longer complicated!

Emerging Technologies

AI Ops & AI Technologies

Your problems

Your business is struggling with expending a huge amount of time, manpower, and budget on your digital transformation.

Our solutions

AI Ops is integrated into businesses’ operations to provide efficient data processing as well as proactive capability to respond to IT system problems.


Your problems

The demand for omnichannel high-quality customer experience has grown rapidly.

Our solutions

We develop innovative phygital strategies that empower businesses to advance both their in-store and digital customer experience.

How Ohio Digital stands out

Outcome-driven collaboration


Utilizing top-notch technologies

We select the best-fitted technologies for a custom project and focus on the quality of created software solutions.



Our team will collaborate and work with you from the start to your product launch.


Fast MVP Delivery

We streamline the process from ideating and design to MVP development so that your product can get to market faster and better.


Business & Technnology Combination

Understanding the unique relationship between business and tech development, we promise to build your product with the highest profit in systematic strategy.

Web App Development Mobile App Development
Web App Development Mobile App Development


Global Platform for IT Remote Working

Ohio Digital has taken pride in our core contribution to HiGate's entire journey, from consulting through branding, business strategy and product designing to on-going development.


Social cooking platform

Ohio Digital has the opportunity to refresh ReciMe branding and app to a more contemporary version.


Freelance Services Marketplace

Ohio Digital accompanies Steppen along the journey to enable users to build their own fitness experience.