Get your idea off the ground

Quickly validate your business idea and save time & budget

Minimum Viable Product is the best way to hit the market. Ohio Digital will accompany you on the way to success: from initial ideas to prototyping, development, launching and improving.

The Full-cycle MVP Development process we provide:

MVP Consulting

Research, Analysis, and MVP planning

Our business and development experts begin with clarifying your goals and idea, identifying risks then specify your MVP’s must-have function, and select the best-fitted technology for

MVP Development

MVP Design

We design a visual, depiction of the MVP based on your brand book and accessibility criteria for the target user. We can build a interactive prototype based on time and actual needs.

MVP Development - Testing

Ohio Digital employs cutting-edge technological stacks, as well as a balanced mix of manual and automated tests, to assure optimum performance for a spectacular market launch.

Full-scale Product

MVP Launching

Our team inevitably monitor till the Minimum Viable Product is properly launched. Data can be collected and analyzed as soon as the product is used.

MVP Improvement

The MVP Development does not end at the launch. We interact with you on a regular basis to gather feedback, prioritize key pain points to solve urgently in the primary product, and build out.

MVP Development MVP Development MVP Development
MVP Development MVP Development MVP Development

We apply the lean startup



Ohio Digital develops a tailor-made MVP product with the core functionalities to realize your vision.


Keeping an easy connection to support you in collecting potential customers’ feedback on the MVP.


Leveraging the feedback, we will evaluate the prioritized features and iterate on the model to create a full-fledge product.

Why you need Ohio Digital to build a
Minimum Viable Product


Time Acceleration

When it comes to a Minimum Viable Product, we know it’s time problem to get ahead of the competition. Our huge resource can flexibly adapt to your need to arrange teams for your product.


Business & Development Combination

At this stage, building features and product without taking business strategy into account would be a huge misstep. As the primary goal of an MVP is to test the market, we have both business experts in the network and development team to collaborate with your team to build a strategic product.


No middle man Tight collaboration

Building a product in mean time requires a tight collaboration between us (Ohio Digital and your team). We always keep an easy connection that all individuals have enough ability to communicate effectively with your team.


Minimize Risk

You can test your Minimum Viable Product with minimal time and money as the core functionality of the product completely built. Ohio Digital will collaborate with you to create a full-fledged product.

Get your idea off the ground