Motion Graphics & Videos

Creative Design

Drive your innovative ideas that are remarkable.

The professional and creative eye-catching designs deliver your clients gorgeous and idealistic experiences. Custom-tailored design will enable your business to reach a wider audience.

Logo & Branding

Your logo and branding play a vital role in identifying your company. Let us help enhance your brand!

3D Graphics

With how Web 3.0 and the Metaverse are shaping up, 3D graphics are gonna be more important than ever.


Bridging the gap between your visions and your audiences: Our creative and professional artists will realize your visions, for whatever purpose you fancy!

Motion Graphics

Your written content can’t impress your customers enough? No surprise. Your customers prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information.

How Ohio Digital stands out

Outcome-driven collaboration


Highly Creative

We are aware of the importance of creativity in web design work. We do it with continual inspiration to reach outstanding innovation!



We take your customers' needs into consideration in advance to develop design that is impressive at first sight.


All-in-one Provider

Ohio Digital envisions a one-stop shop where development and design services would be available under one roof.


Timely Delivery

We always adheres to a detailed plan to ensure that projects are completed on time.

Full-stack Development Creative Design CX
Full-stack Development Creative Design CX


Global Platform for IT Remote Working

Ohio Digital has taken pride in our core contribution to HiGate's entire journey, from consulting through branding, business strategy and product designing to on-going development.


Social cooking platform

Ohio Digital has the opportunity to refresh ReciMe branding and app to a more contemporary version.


#1 Fitness App For Gen Z.

Ohio Digital accompanies Steppen along the journey to enable users to build their own fitness experience.